The real estate sector wins the Ramadan Football Holding League championship

The real estate sector won the Hamar League football championship organized by the group as part of the recreational activities, which it is organized every year during the holy month of Ramadan.

The victory of the real estate sector in the championship came over the construction sector, when they met in the final match, whose original rounds ended in a positive draw 1/1, so that the two teams headed to penalty kicks that came in favour of the real estate sector.

The tournament witnessed the participation of 4 sectors, namely (the real estate sector, the contracting sector, the factories sector, and the holding sector), where the real estate sector won the opening match over the holding company with a score of 6/1. The second match also witnessed the victory of the factories sector over the contracting sector, with a score of 5/1, so that the real estate sector and the factories sector qualified for the final match.

After the end of the tournament, the player Muhammad Mujahid won the title of top scorer in the tournament, and the player Mustafa Al-Baghdadi won the title of best goalkeeper.