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Salem Balhamer Holding Group is a family-owned business pioneering in various fields. We started out business in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, then extended our scope to cover GCC countries and Middle East, after developing our business and consolidating our position on a local level to become one of the fastest growing companies in the region, thanks to he various high-quality services and products complying with the local and international standards, aiming to enhance the quality of life ، in-line with the Kingdom’s Vision 2030 objectives, Salem Balhamer Holding Group embraces an effective strategy based on Business diversification. with its commitment to modernizing the industry, localizing the national manpower, and striving to own modern technologies.

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Services Sector

We are proud of our solid roots, and a long-standing heritage that spans more than 45 years, during which we were able to strengthen our prestigious position and manage pioneering businesses in the Kingdom and various markets in the Arab region, distinguished by providing comprehensive solutions full of creativity and innovation.

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Salem Balhamer Holding Group adopts an inspiring future vision, revolving around growth and sustainability; By diversifying our investments and expanding in the local and international markets. In addition to developing governance digital transformation, total quality management principles, and adapting a wide range of pioneering partnerships with many local and international entities on the basis of which we develop our business to achieve sustainable leadership, with constant investment in the development of our humans, technical and organizational resources, and contribute to the making of a brilliant future for the group.

Throughout the company’s sector and activities expansion, we are implementing governance to the highest standards and requirements, contributing to achieving transparency and justice, regulating and organizing the relationship among the group’s owners, executive management, employees and all relevant parties, through structuring many guidelines, instructions and regulations which control the group companies work, and ensures   effective control and accountability, This contributes to protecting all parties’ interests, maximizing the group’s profits, and raising its market value.

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