Trading Sector

The trading sector focuses on marketing of multi-use plastic pipes, fittings, sanitary and plumbing-ware, supplies and accessories, thermal insulation products, building materials, and plastic containers products.

Since its establishment, Salem Balhamer Trading Company has sought to achieve comprehensive distinguishability in its business to be its customer’s first choice, providing high quality products, including multi-use plastic pipes and fittings, in addition to all plumbing ware, supplies and accessories.

Salem Balhamer Trading Company is the exclusive Fabco distributor selling “Fabco” Plastic Factory products, and Salem Balhamer Plastic Factory, in the local and international market where the company’s products are available in various regions of the Kingdom, and its products are exported to others markets in the Gulf Cooperation Council countries, the Middle East, and North Africa.

The extensive experience the company possesses has contributed to obtaining many local and international quality certificates and accreditations which helped strengthening its position in the local market.

The company imports more than 25 brands from various international markets most notably: (USA, Italy, China, India, and others) this made it one of the trading companies’ pioneers for plumbing and plastic materials and their supplies in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Part of social responsibility efforts, Salem Balhamer Trading Company obtained National Program for Water Conservation certificate “Qatra” (Drop) for its efforts in manufacturing products which help preserve non-renewable water resources to achieve the Kingdom’s 2030 vision within the national transformation program concerned with its implementation in water sector.