About Us

Solid Principles
and Values

Since our launch in 1975, we have set a clear vision for establishing a national entity aiming for growth and development and based on solid principles and values, representing an optimal model, and to be one of the top national entities supporting the national economy, while adhering to our social responsibility, by adopting and supporting community initiatives.

We adopt a growth and sustainability strategy based on investments diversifying and achieving integration between our strategic business sectors and units, with expansion in the local and international markets. We commit to developing governance mechanisms to enhance our operational efficiency, while continuing to invest in motivating and training the national human power that we are proud of.

An extended Journey full of determination and challenge, through which we are keen to build a good reputation within our markets, on a base of our values of transparency, commitment, respect, credibility, and professionalism in our dealings. As a result, we became one of the top national entities that contribute and support the national economy.

Diversity .. Integration .. Leadership

An inspiring journey . .
Renewed thinking

In full harmony with the Kingdom’s vision2030. to build a prosperous economy for an ambitious nation and a vibrant society, we seek in Salem Balhamer Holding Group to modernize and diversified in our various business sectors adopt the total quality principles and continuous quality improvement in our operations and product development to meet our customers’ needs and desires, achieve their satisfaction and enhance their loyalty. In addition to our restless pursuit to form strategic partnerships with local and international partners, which support in expansion and diversification of our business and the markets in which we are present.

We are keen to improve the work environment and develop human, technical and organizational resources to enhance the effectiveness and operational efficiency. In addition to developing advanced motivation and training programs to meet the aspirations of our employees.

For about five decades of establishment, Salem Balhamer Holding Group illustrates the most inspiring success stories in the world of business and finance, thanks to a renewed thinking where we keen to Salem Balhamer family has preserved its ancient heritage in the Saudi market by building a wide and strong base of customers, which helped expand business, enhance its position, and achieve its leadership. The dream turned into a vision embracing goals and aspirations that we always strive to achieve.

We passionately look forward to continuing our strive towards Growth, sustainability, and a brilliant future, based on leadership, professionalism, and added value, to build a promising future in line with the Kingdom’s 2030 vision.

Our Vision

To be one of the leading multi-investment holding companies at the national wide.

Our Mission

SBH Focus on diversifying our investments in various business Sectors; manufacturing, trading, contracting, real estate, and other services sectors, where we pay attention to achieving integration between the group business lines, to provide distinguished products and services matching the local and international standards, through continuous improvement in our human, technical and organizational resources, to achieve our goals, national role, and our social responsibility.

Our Values

Salem Balhamer Holding Group is guided by the founder father set of values which formed a profound basis for building our firm commercial and ethical policies until it became an approach we follow to develop our business and build our reputation along with our contributions to create initiatives and community development through which we form a loving and benevolent society.


We believe in the importance and the great impact of the value of commitment in achieving the satisfaction of all parties with different interests inside and outside the group


We share appropriate information and facts with relevant people and entities to enable them to perform their work properly and make sound decisions


We carry out our business with the high professionalism according to professional standards and measures to enhance our reputation and gain the confidence of our customers.


We are committed to respecting the reality and behaviour in our work environment, to control the pace of the behaviour of the company’s employees, which will reflect positively on the work environment.


We are keen to perfect the work with quality without repeated errors and to complete the commitments according to the agreed expectations and standards.

SBH Group Growth Timeline

Social Responsibility

Because we priorities community deployment, we have been always keen to actively participate in various community activities and have created many initiatives and programs that have positively impacted community. We partnered with many government associations, organizations and entities concerned with this aspect.

The Humanitarian and charitable support have been always an apparent behavior of Sheikh Salem Balhamer, who truly believed that the business success can be achieved through supporting the community we belong to. He passionately conveyed these values and beliefs to his children and grandchildren; to be inherited from a generation to next.

Since the establishment of the group, community services have accompanied this success, and this work has gone through stages, developments, and greater expansion over the years, until we founded a team of volunteers called (Salem Balhamer Volunteers for social responsibility); to be the social responsibility arm of Salem Balhamer Holding Group.