Growth & Sustainability

Growth and Sustainability

Salem Belhamer Holding Company adopted an inspiring future vision, Based on growth and sustainability to achieve leadership through diversifying our investments, optimizing our resources usage and applying the best governance methods and the best digital transformation practices which helped us expand and build a wide range of leading companies that develop businesses in various industrial, commercial, real estate, contracting and service sectors, and provide the best service to our customers all over the Kingdom, the Middle East and North African markets, as a contribution to the bright future of the group.

Income Diversification

We consider sustainability as an approach to ensure the groups continued growth and development and for this we have been keen to diversify our investments in commercial industrial

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Strategic Partnerships

We gain our strength from our strong alliances and partnerships, as we have worked on establishing effective strategic partnerships with major companies, institutions, and organizations in

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Achieving Prestige & Pioneering

We have a prestigious and brilliant position in the Kingdoms business community which we have gained through perseverance and commitment to our clients with integrity, transparency,

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We are eager to identify and meet our customers’ needs, expectations, products, and services in addition to developing interactive relationships with them and supporting their loyalty and interests

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We are obtaining a set of certificates and accreditations from major local and international bodies in various business sectors that help us to set quality standards for our products and services which

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Institutional Excellence

We seek to improve the work environment and internal culture, develop business models, improve internal communication tools and channels between all sectors of the group, in addition to developing

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