Healthcare Sector

The Health Care sector dedicated to provide medical services in (Dialysis Centers, Dermatology & Cosmetology, Dentistry, Ophthalmology, Sleeve Gastrectomythe) in Saudi Arabia.

Dialey’s Medical Center is the latest medical center specialized in dialysis in the Eastern Province. It was established by Salem Balhamer Holding Group under the umbrella of the Al-Jaddarah Medical Company.
It is considered as social responsibility to provide the best health care for patients suffering from kidney failure diseases.
The center operates according to the highest international medical standards and specifications; it is distinguished by modern equipment, operating with the highest technologies to provide complete health care to patients undergoing dialysis sessions.
The Dialysis Center is distinguished by a qualified medical team of doctors and nurses with high levels of experience and professional competence and constantly aware of the latest medical developments, and the latest studies and scientific research in kidney diseases field to provide patients with best health care.
One of the center main concerns is continuous enhancing medical team skills to be qualified to provide superior care to patients with comorbidities such as diabetes and high blood pressure.

Salem Balhamer Holding Group launched Al-Jaddarah Medical Company to provide the highest levels of health care and being an advanced model that serves this vital sector in the Kingdom, contributing and promoting in community public health to achieve the Kingdom’s Vision 2030 objectives.
Al-Jaddarah Company provides high-quality medical services in the field of (dentistry, ophthalmology, dermatology, laser, cosmetology, sleeve gastrostomy, and dialysis centers). The company is distinguished with its qualified medical staff with high capabilities and obtaining high certificates (doctors and nurses) in addition to its modern medical equipment and supplies which provide the finest medical service conforming to the highest local and international standards.