The “Holding Group” organizes two workshops for risk management and internal control

Under the auspices of the CEO of Salem Balhamer Holding Group, Mr. Ahmed Salem Balhamer, the internal audit department in the group, in coordination with the Human Resources Department, organized training workshops entitled (Risk Management in the Business Environment – Improving the Quality of Internal Control), as the group targeted 45 employees of various levels in management in all business sectors within the group.

The expert and consultant, Mr. Alaa Abdulaziz Abu Nabaa, implemented the workshops, which included several axes, the most important of which are: Risk management mechanisms, the distribution of roles between departments in risk management, the basic components of the internal control system, their application to internal control systems, and the distribution of roles in internal control operations.

The organization of these workshops comes as part of a program that aims to continuously develop the system and work environment in the group, and to enhance the quality of internal operations, in addition to developing the human elements that are considered one of the most important assets of the company, in order to achieve the directions of the group and the vision of its CEO in developing the internal work environment and raising the level of the group’s employees.