” Salem Balhamer Holding Group Opens “MEPPlus” company specialized in electromechanical works

Salem Balhamer Holding Group expanded its business, after opening the “MEPPlus” company specialized in electromechanical works as the new company aims to achievethe highest degree of integration between its sectors and market needs, to provide high quality services with the highest efficiency.

The oppening of the “MEPPlus” company comes within the framework of developing the contracting sector’s business, which has proven a strong presence in this sector, and has witnessed development and success in the field of structural reconstruction. With the expansion of the company’s business, it was necessary to open a company specialized in electromechanical works that would integrate with the work of the general contracting company, and be supportive of it in providing exemplary services to customers.

Electronic and electrical works are between 25-60% of the value of construction projects in the Kingdom, and this type of business enjoys a growing demand with the increase in urban projects in the Kingdom. Mip Plus will provide its services to major contracting companies in the Kingdom, and integrated contracting companies (EPC) To carry out variouselectromechanical works for buildings, airports, industrial and public facilities, etc., by experienced and skilled engineers and technicians, with the highest quality standards.