“Holding Group “celebrates the anniversary of the founding day 2023 with the Saudi Arda, falcons and traditional costumes

Salem Belhamer Holding Group celebrated the anniversary of the founding of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, in the presence of Mr. Salem Ahmed Balhamer, Chairman of the Board of Directors, and Mr. Ahmed Salem Balhamer, CEO, Vice President, heads of sectors and departments, and many employees of the group who expressed their pride and pride in belonging to this benevolent country that was founded three centuries ago at the hands of Imam Muhammad bin Saud in the year 1727 AD.

The ceremony was distinguished by its special atmosphere, which was carefully prepared to suit this occasion, as it included popular Arabic local seatings with the presentation of Saudi coffee, which is linked to the cultural heritage of the Kingdom, and expresses the values of generosity and hospitality. famous dishes that is popular in the Arabian Peninsula were served. The henna corner has a special importance by women as it is considered one of the authentic Saudi heritages and is associated with wedding traditions and all happy festive occasions.

The attendees were keen to wear traditional men’s and women’s costumes that reflected the culture and identity of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in its various stages, from establishment to unification.

The audience enjoyed the Saudi Arda, which symbolizes the original history of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and contributes to the promotion of culture and national identity, as everyone interacted with the national dances and chants that spread feelings of pride and belonging.

At the end of the ceremony, souvenir photos were taken with the purebred Arabian falcons, which represent the heritage of the fathers and grandfathers. Gifts were presented on the founding day to the employees of the group to remember this great national occasion.