Exporting 40% of the production of the company’s factories to foreign markets

The international export division of Salem Balhamer Holding Company contributed to achieving high growth rates for the company due to the significant role it plays in increasing sales by exporting the products of the FAPCO Factory and Salem Balhamer Plastic Factory. To various Arab countries, the countries of the Gulf Cooperation Council, African and Asian countries, where the sales of the foreign export department accounted for about 40% of the production of the company’s factories, which makes the department the main artery for discharging the products of the factories in various foreign markets.

The department applies strict quality standards for the products it exports to be compatible with the highest international standards, which contributed to strengthening its position in the international export sector, and its acquisition of a major share in the markets of: UAE, Jordan, Kuwait, Bahrain, Yemen, Egypt, Somalia, Sudan, Libya, Pakistan, and others.

The department seeks to expand its reach in North African countries such as Morocco and Tunisia, by relying on its new regional office in Egypt, as well as opening new markets in a number of Arab countries such as: Lebanon, Syria, and European countries such as: Greece and Cyprus, with high potential and long experience in the field of international export spanning more than 31 years.

The department is keen to actively participate permanently in the most important and largest international exhibitions such as the International Building and Construction Exhibition “The Big Five” that was held in Dubai, Egypt, Morocco and Kenya, as well as participation in the Iraq International Exhibition, the Sudan International Exhibition, the Building Exhibition in Jordan, and Tanzania And Ethiopia, which contributed to the promotion of the spread of the company’s factories’ products (FAPCO Factory and Salem Balhamer Plastic Factory), where the demand for various products increased: (Plastic pipes and pieces of various sizes and different systems – plastic accessories such as mirrors and shower basins – new orange pieces – copper thermal insulators – food preservation cans), which have become particularly demanded in many commercial markets in all countries to which they are exported.