“Balhamr Holding Group” organizes a Ramadan evening for the group’s employees and honors their outstanding staff

In a joyful meeting, Salem Balhamer Holding Group organized a Ramadan evening for its employees, which was attended by the Chairman of the Board of Directors, Mr. Salem Ahmed Balhamer, and Group CEO Mr. Ahmed Salem Balhamer, and all employees of the group and heads of sectors.

The meeting included many Ramadan entertainment activities, in addition to the Saudi Arda, which everyone interacted with, and. During the meeting, ideas and opinions were exchanged between the senior management and employees of the group. To develop the group’s development plans, and to clarify the most prominent strategies and investment plans that it pursues to develop and expand its business.

During the meeting, gifts were distributed to the employees of the group, and a group of distinguished employees were honored, in a gesture that the group used to carry out periodically. In appreciation of everyone who makes an effort for the continued development and growth of the group.