Founding day

Mr. Ahmed Salem Balhamer, CEO of Salem Balhamer Holding Group, stated that the memory of the founding day at the hands of Imam Muhammad bin Saud – may God have mercy on him – on 22 February  1727 for the Kingdom is an example of the meanings of patriotism, as the state celebrates its founding day, to confirm that the past and the present With its steady steps and its past and future achievements, it only comes through a set of continuous planning processes and permanent evaluation procedures. This made the country deal with the largest pandemic that the world has experienced in decades, and emerge from it in a better position and with deeper and broader options and projects. This is an opportunity to look at what has been achieved and think about what is to come within the framework of 2030 Vision. And under an inspiring leadership whose ambitions reach the sky, we pause on this precious occasion to celebrate the achievements that raise the Kingdom day after day and place it in the ranks of developed countries, and we express to our children the extent of our pride and appreciation for the sacrifices made by our fathers and grandfathers for the sake of raising the flag of the nation high among nations. We tell them the story of the struggle of the ancestors and fathers so that they realize what they have done for the sake of the elevation of this country. 

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