“Salem Balhamer Holding Group” opens “Enma & Injaz Sanitary Ware Co.”, which specializes in the sale of sanitary ware

As part of its plan to expand its business, Salem Balhamer Holding Group opened the “Enma & Injaz Sanitary Ware Co” specialized in selling sanitary ware to provide integrated solutions to the local and regional markets, with regard to bathroom fixtures such as ceramic products, sanitary ware and accessories, vertical and horizontal electric water heaters, and toilet fixtures such as basins, bathtubs, mirrors, basin mixers, etc., in various models and colors that suit different requirements and tastes.

The opening of the “Enma & Injaz Sanitary Ware Co” confirms the efforts of the Salem Balhamer Holding Group; To achieve integration between its companies and to provide the best services to its customers with the highest quality and the best prices.